It’s Been a While

Since I last posted back in August, a lot has happened.

I don’t know what I was busy with in the fall, but I was either preoccupied or misplaced my computer, and I didn’t blog at all.

We enjoyed a fun Halloween party at my daughter Jenny’s house in October, and then in November celebrated Thanksgiving at her place as well. Both were nice family events and highlights of each month.

In December both my husband and I had COVID. We were sick at home for about a week before ending up in the hospital. Both of us at the same time, but not near each other. Texting now and then but too weak to talk on the phone. It was surreal. Finding out he was in ICU by text. Then he got out of ICU and I went in. We were SICK. Thank God and medicine we made it. We weren’t sure we would. Our daughter Abigail and her daughter Carleigh were also ill from COVID at this time but thankfully only mild cases.

My sister was also sick with COVID. It was frustrating not being able to take care of her, but I was too ill myself. My son Joe helped so much by checking on her daily and getting her everything she needed while she was recovering.

We got home from the hospital in time for Christmas but were both very weak. The house was already decorated, and I had wrapped most of the gifts so only a few remained. I had a tough time even just putting them in gift bags. That is how weak I was. And yes, I know, gifts don’t matter. But I love Christmas and for me the gifts do matter to a degree, so I had my daughter Abigail wrap what remained. For some reason that just made me feel so much better to have that done. Abigail was also nursemaid and in charge of us and the house while we were sick. The other kids ran errands and called often to check in. We certainly felt the love and care of everyone.

Christmas was very nice. In fact, I think it was one of the best ever. Most of the family was here, and it just felt right. We had fun, the gifts seemed perfect, and everyone was happy. Granddaughter Carleigh was so wonderful to watch Christmas morning. She went through her stocking item by item. The same with gifts. It was just so sweet and thoughtful and a joy to be part of. It was a lovely morning and we felt blessed.

Unfortunately, the next evening our daughter Bethany was in a car accident, getting hit broadside by someone who ran a red light. Her car was flipped to its side, and she had to walk out through the sunroof. Luckily, she escaped with only minor scrapes and some bruising. Her car was totaled but she was fine.

Emotionally I was a wreck. I had worried about one of the kids getting in an accident because it seemed there were so many car accidents locally around that time. I thought ok, Christmas is done, people aren’t rushing all over the place and everyone is safe. Nope. We are just so lucky she wasn’t badly injured.

January was the month of gaining our strength back. Just walking up five steps required oxygen and a rest period. I had never been so weak in my life. Bethany shopped for a new car, and I just wanted winter over and for spring to be here as quickly as possible. I wanted to move on.

But winter still had a few surprises for us. In January Abigail got engaged and wedding planning began. However, she and her fiancĂ© decided to skip the fanfare and opted for a courthouse wedding in February with only a few days’ notice. Abigail managed to have all the romantic necessities with a white dress, garter, & bouquet, and her sisters and I got toasting glasses and a cake set. After the private ceremony at the courthouse, Abigail and her new husband Kris came to the house for photos, a small cake and champagne. A reception will be held later this year.

March was filled with real estate adventures as Bethany and Tim, and then Abigail and Kris, all went house hunting. Things progressed quickly and both couples have already moved into their new homes! It all seemed to happen so fast! So much change so quickly felt a little overwhelming to me, but they were positive changes, and I am so happy for all of them.

As for me, I am adjusting to a completely empty nest for the first time ever. It is too quiet! I am also trying to focus on blogging and getting back to doing what I enjoyed before I got sick. The full recovery time is long, but things are starting to feel normal again.

One project Jeff and I have decided on is putting in an English style garden. We both have so many ideas so are working on putting the plans on paper and making it a reality. It’s going to take time, but that’s fine and it will be fun creating it together.

Another thing I want to do is travel a bit more frequently. Nothing extravagant, but after not being able to go places or do things for two years due to COVID we just want to go and do.

I am glad to have made it to Spring and am looking forward to the warmer weather and the fun that comes with it.