Rae Dunn Haul

I started buying Rae Dunn in January when I purchased a set of Beauty & Beast mugs at Marshall’s. They were cute and up until then I hadn’t really cared much for it. But those mugs ‘spoke’ to me. 
After that the Valentine Rae Dunn items started hitting shelves and guess what? They spoke to me, too! I looked online and discovered the canisters and other items. They were perfect for my coffee station, so of course I bought some, both through hunting in stores and online.
Next was St. Patrick’s Day and I needed more Rae Dunn, but this time with green and shamrocks!
By the time the Easter items showed up in stores I was a goner. So here are pictures of the weekend (and last weeks) haul. I am in LOVE with the bunnies. LOVE. 

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