What’s In My Bag

I carry my life in my purse and I think a lot of other women do, too. While it’s convenient to have all your important things with you, I do like to keep things small or lightweight because my purse gets heavy very quickly. I also often switch from my luggage size handbag to a crossbody style for travel or shopping because it’s nice to have your hands free and travel light sometimes.

My basics are the same as most people with wallet, sunglasses and keys being the essentials. My keys aren’t in the photos here as I keep mine hung on a mail/key rack by the front door when I’m home.

My wallet holds my id, debit card and a couple of other cards like a credit card and my Outback gold card, but really not too much else. I seldom carry cash.

I always carry tissue, more as back up tp in case there isn’t any in the public restroom stall!

I have my inhaler, which I only need when I don’t have it with me, a comb, emery board, and mints. Hand sanitizer and a mask are signs of life in 2021. As is the folded piece of paper which are medical test orders. Such is life.

A few items I carry are for emergencies and I used to keep them attached to my keychain but it just got to be too much. Still, I want them with me, so they remain in my purse. These items are a small o-light flashlight, a small Swiss army knife, a seatbelt cutter/window breaker, a multi tool, a brass whistle, and a small pair of nail clippers.

A small notepad and pen and my glasses are the last of the basics that I carry.

I know a lot of people carry a tiny bit of first aid supplies in their bags or a make up bag with odds and ends. I have a makeup bag with assorted items ‘just in case’. My ‘med bag’ as I call it contains bandages, wet wipes, and pocket sized spray Neosporin in case of cuts, Tylenol, Benadryl, and Rolaids in case someone doesn’t feel well, panty liners, flossers, q-tips, safety pins, a metal spork, small toothpaste and travel toothbrush, lipstick, Listerine pocket spray, and some face powder, which seems to cover any other need. Last but not least, I carry the St. Christopher medal my father carried in his wallet, which was a gift from my Catholic mother.

I am always trying to think of other things I should have with me. Any suggestions?
What do you have in your bag?