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Simple Korean Beef

I love Asian food and Asian style food I can make at home. I cook simply and enjoy fast, simple recipes, so this is a winner for me! Not only that, it’s inexpensive to make. You can add veggies to your hearts desire or prepare it as written. Either way, it’s yummy! Simple Korean Beef […]

Easy Breakfast Casserole

This recipe is super easy and fool proof! I made it recently for a Mother’s Day Brunch at my daughter’s house. It takes minutes to prepare and everyone loved it. You can make this basic recipe or add any of your personal favorites. It’s economical and a great make ahead for Christmas morning or even […]

Afternoon Coffee & …

Coffee is my favorite drink and I have several cups a day. I don’t think I’m making it right because it certainly doesn’t perk me up but it does taste good. Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon I become extremely tired. Ready for a nap tired. Naturally I navigate to the coffee maker for a […]

My Mother’s Recipe Box

My mother’s recipe box is one of my keepsakes that is constant and comforting. It is metal, green, old, a bit worn, but full of delicious and comforting food ideas, holiday goodies, and most importantly, my mother’s handwriting. Every time I see one of her hand written recipes, or really anything with her handwriting, I […]

it’s gotta go!

Everyone does spring cleaning and we tend to do a bit of fall cleaning as well as far as purging. Our house is on the small side, our family is large, and our place is ‘home base’ where things are kept for safe keeping or just kept in general. We were, to be blunt, bursting […]

Rae Dunn Haul

I started buying Rae Dunn in January when I purchased a set of Beauty & Beast mugs at Marshall’s. They were cute and up until then I hadn’t really cared much for it. But those mugs ‘spoke’ to me. After that the Valentine Rae Dunn items started hitting shelves and guess what? They spoke to me, […]

Easter Décor

I just couldn’t wait! While I adore all of my St. Patrick’s Day pretties, my Easter decorations were calling to me. Most of these are new this year, from Marshall’s, Hobby Lobby, and TJMaxx. I got to Hobby Lobby pretty late in the Easter display season so my particular store is somewhat picked over already […]

Easy Easter Dinner

I just love it when Easter comes later in the year. The idea of sunshine, warmer temperatures, and spring flowers blooming feel so much more like Easter than cold weather with rain.Warm weather equals warm weather foods and that means salads.  We are a ham family for Easter and I love to serve my favorite […]


This is a tough topic to talk about but here goes-I had a hysterectomy in early February and was told I’d have no issues because it was laparoscopic surgery and because I am post menopausal. While my pain level post surgery was never awful, it was uncomfortable in other ways. Gas, bathroom issues, just nagging little […]